domenica 30 agosto 2009

me myself and I ;)

here are some shots that my brother took these last days :D
I dont have any idea why do the pics lack of quality once i upload them in this blog..
enjoy ;)

great things (?)

Hello everyone! i'm back from my summer vacation and i'm quite upset that summer has almost already past :( anyway enough with this drama haha.. i went in Torre dell'orso in Puglia.

yeah over there! it took me 12 hours of driving from milan!! gosh so traumatic!
here are some pics..
town of OTRANTO <3

beautiful isnt it?
i'd really like to show you some other pics of this extraordinary place
but i have so many and im not feeling right now to post them, maybe later!!
how was your summer? where did u spend it??
tell me some stories :D

venerdì 7 agosto 2009

i love this place

Hey guys!
Right now i'm in Stropino a very little place near Stresa, near Lago Maggiore xD
i fuckin missed and love this place <3
Some fresh air and awsome green surroundings. This was needed.
I needed to go out from that big city which is Milan.. so plenty of smog
and sometimes suffocating. I had enough of it.
Posting pics later or when i'll come back. at sunday :)
Wishing everybody a great weekend and nice summer holidays =D

mercoledì 5 agosto 2009

photoshoot [?]

i am a great fan of fashion <3

don't ever think that i'm leaving you

Friends will always be there for you, no matter what.

yeah this is the fact!
Today i had the proof that my best friend is always there for me.
Thought that after that discussion we would never talked ever
but NO. She did something for me. that was really meaningful.
thank you. I had no idea that i was very lucky to have you in my life.
Ti liebo.

domenica 2 agosto 2009


Ciao gente!
The name is JADE
Non credo di dovervi fare la mia descrizione, la cosidetta "About me".
Capirete o immaginerete come sono leggendo altri post che pubblicherò.

Bye bye ^^