lunedì 23 novembre 2009


i've recently open a flickr account!
please check it out!!!!

venerdì 6 novembre 2009

domenica 1 novembre 2009

my halloween

hey guys it's been a while i haven't post an interesting entry.. so here it is.. My haloween was so much fun hahah. We went to the pub where ivan works and he was masquerade with a horrible make up haha but i thnk it fits on him well. My friends and i drank tequila, chupito and some of us a cocktail invented by him. At once i thought it was hard but it wasnt! it was similar to a sex on the beach. anyway then we headed to the disco "atlantique". there we waited a half an hour for the entrance. then when we entered we had a drink and woohoo just danced and had fun!! man i ws loving the commercial music like never before! hahah omg i cant stop saying that i have a lot of fun! thanks guys!!! <3333

are you liking me?

He called me: "AMORE MIO"