domenica 2 maggio 2010

Bonjour! C'est le dimanche..


This is my sunday outfit. I am wearing:
H&M- Sweater
Zara - Skirt
Red Flats (don't remember where i bought them)
Rayban - Sunnies

Last Friday I went dancing in a club near corso Como with my friends. At the beginning there was a rock band playing covers such as "Sweet Child of mine" (which i particularly appreciated) and "marsharona". Later then the dj played commercial remixed songs and that's how i drove crazy haha. I had so much fun and i hoped to stay still 5 o'clock but unluckily i couldn't :(
Yesterday was the 1st of May, Labor's day. For that occasion i stayed at home, just chilling and watched the movie "Inglorious Basterds". I didn't like it that much. And Today after a family event I am forced to study for a math test tomorrow... I want summer and summer vacation!!!! I'm sick of school, aren't you??
Hope you had a great weekend!