venerdì 29 gennaio 2010

google me

Hello everyone! I haven't been updating lately not because I don't have time enouh, which i do really have, it's more because i don't have a camera right now and i can't post any pics or oufits! I'm so lost without a camera!! anyway I am writing this entry to tell you that i'm still alive haha! and today i'm going to list you the blog that I always visit:


I find these sites very insiprational! ooh and of course there is FASHIONGONEROGUE too! and a lot of fashion bloggers! so many that i can't list!


Tomorrow is Saturday so it means party haha!!
I am going to see "Avatar" in 3D. I've heard a very good review of it! i'm already excited ;) Then i'm going to have happy hour with some of my friends then at night i'm probably going to Navigli ( a place in Milan) to some pub, maybe with the karaoke one, to have some fun and to sing at the top of my lungs hahha. at that point maybe i will be drunk. huum who knowS!
What are your plans for tomorrow?

Have a nice weekend! :D

lunedì 18 gennaio 2010


Cardigan - Zara
Black Shawl, Skirt & belt - H&M
top - Bershka
Gold ballerine flats

These photos are taken in the harrenhauser garten (garden), Hannover Germany. Yeah I went there last summer and had a wonderful time with a dear friend! I didn't know what to talk about in this entry so then i browse in to my computer files and saw these pics. So i thought i could post them :)

I want to thank Sissy from who has awarded me with the Beautiful Blogger Award and I have to say 7 things that I like and pass this award to other Beautiful Bloggers! Thank you dear :)
Unfortunately i don't have a lot of readers yet so I don't have the possibility to forward this award to anybody but I certainly will on the future!

1. I like Paramore! I also went to their concert! so great!

2. I like cupcakes and sweets

3. I like spending time with my friends obviously

4. I like english especially speaking it!

5. I like gymnastics

6. I ['d] like to be tall. so i like wearing high heels

7. I like travelling. At the moment i'm trying to convince my father to send me to the Philippines, my country (in case u didn't know)

venerdì 15 gennaio 2010

I already miss last year!

Dress - H&M
purse - Prada
Sandals - Valleverde

I haven't been posting of my actual outfits lately. so i thought to post one that i wore last summer :( miss those times so badly! i miss my hair too!!! look at it! they are so fire reeeeed xD

mercoledì 13 gennaio 2010


1)C'è gente troppo acculturata che si pone problemi inesistenti!
2)A volte penso che alcune persone siano Fortunate di poter amare qualcuno (specialmente se è ricambiato).

1)There are people too cultured that put up some non-existent problems!
2)Sometimes I think some people are lucky to love someone (especially when it's requited).


venerdì 8 gennaio 2010

Doesnt' mean anything

I love Alicia Keys! Don't you?
Her songs are awesome and her last hit aswell. Listen to it!

"This beautiful city seems empty. All the people in the world and you can still feel lonely. What's the point of having it all without the person you love? sometimes you just need to start again in order to fly."

lunedì 4 gennaio 2010

new outfit

Shirt - United colors of benetton
Sweater - uknown
Skirt - Zara
polka dots Tights - H&M
Ankle boots - Zara

I totally love this outfit! One of my fave of my outfits!
ps. sorry the quality of the pics aren't great cause
i had to take them with my cellphone camera! At the
moment my camera battery are discharge =\

welcome back bestfriend!

Hello everyone! My best friend finally came back from her country, Brazil :D such a cool and amazing place as i have heard! One day I'd like to visit it with her!She brought me a pair of Hawaianas slippers and a very cute lipgloss!!

good sunday evening!

I spent my sunday with my friends: Kristine, kenneth, marco, cherry and erika. hahahah so much fun! at the beginning i've met cherry and kenneth accidently and they told me that they were going to have a fight with a girl who hit her the other day! After that we've waited for the fight to start but the girl didn't show up and during that time i was freezing!!! uuugh i was tempted to fight her too for that reason hahah. After that we've met kristine and marco and we went to Santa monica, a pub near the duomo. There i've also met Ivan. Marco treated us a shuttle of bear and a diavola pizza :D yummy! whhoah i've drank 3 glasses of beer! man i was going to vomit hhaha i couldnt stand it anymore cause i dont even like that much beer! i prefer cocktails! while we were sitting there, we were laughing all time with their stories and bla bla hahha so much fuun!!!
love these guys so muuuch!!

sabato 2 gennaio 2010

1st day of sales!!

Got these items :)

2 bras and a scarf at H&M

skirt - Zara

MAC Blush got by meine freundin :D love heeer

Bag from the store Silvia (it's similar to chanel's that's why i got it)

And this is what i received at Christmas
Glamorous by Moschino perfume

Beret - United colors of benetton
and my new pair of ankle boots! bought at zara! I dont have the pics now but i am wearing them in the pics that i've insert in the entry of christmas :D

My faithfulest friend!

Dearest V. He who never disappoint you.
Who is the faithfulest of all. Even of a boyfriend. =)

venerdì 1 gennaio 2010