domenica 4 ottobre 2009

new entry after a long time ;)

So here i am sitting in front of a computer in a corner of my falling to pieces apartment sipping my camomille to sleep well and listening to some good brazilian reggae music! Actually it's really good. yeah i am amazed too to know that i like reggae music but it's relaxing, though i don't smoke joint! and i REALLY DON'T!
Yesterday i spent my saturday with my dear friend Ririan. after that short period of misunderstanding our feelings and not knowing what to do of our friendship, we "reunited". We just hang out in corso buenos aires and then went to her house to chill and to dine. While we were eating out baguette and other stuff haha we listened to some brazilian and english music, such an amazing moment :) yeah i think it is always for the reason of our short separation.. after all we felt comfortable of ourselves...
ok enough drama. i'd simply end saying that i had a really good day!

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