lunedì 4 gennaio 2010

good sunday evening!

I spent my sunday with my friends: Kristine, kenneth, marco, cherry and erika. hahahah so much fun! at the beginning i've met cherry and kenneth accidently and they told me that they were going to have a fight with a girl who hit her the other day! After that we've waited for the fight to start but the girl didn't show up and during that time i was freezing!!! uuugh i was tempted to fight her too for that reason hahah. After that we've met kristine and marco and we went to Santa monica, a pub near the duomo. There i've also met Ivan. Marco treated us a shuttle of bear and a diavola pizza :D yummy! whhoah i've drank 3 glasses of beer! man i was going to vomit hhaha i couldnt stand it anymore cause i dont even like that much beer! i prefer cocktails! while we were sitting there, we were laughing all time with their stories and bla bla hahha so much fuun!!!
love these guys so muuuch!!

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  1. Hi darling, hope by now you are recovered from the beers ; )

    For the Chictopia badge just go to the very bottom on the page and just press "goodies" there you will find your pics. If you have problems let me know. mhuawww!!!


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