venerdì 29 gennaio 2010

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Hello everyone! I haven't been updating lately not because I don't have time enouh, which i do really have, it's more because i don't have a camera right now and i can't post any pics or oufits! I'm so lost without a camera!! anyway I am writing this entry to tell you that i'm still alive haha! and today i'm going to list you the blog that I always visit:


I find these sites very insiprational! ooh and of course there is FASHIONGONEROGUE too! and a lot of fashion bloggers! so many that i can't list!


Tomorrow is Saturday so it means party haha!!
I am going to see "Avatar" in 3D. I've heard a very good review of it! i'm already excited ;) Then i'm going to have happy hour with some of my friends then at night i'm probably going to Navigli ( a place in Milan) to some pub, maybe with the karaoke one, to have some fun and to sing at the top of my lungs hahha. at that point maybe i will be drunk. huum who knowS!
What are your plans for tomorrow?

Have a nice weekend! :D

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