domenica 7 febbraio 2010

here we go again!

Hello blog-readers!
This weekend has been a boom! I mean i had a great time with my bestfriend!
We went to the cinema and watched paranormal activity which i found a bit boring at the first part but then at the end it was really horrifying! Anyway i think there are two ending scene. my bro, who downloaded the movie, described me another final scene that wasn't the one that i saw at the cinema. then, we went to see another movie: ALVIN SUPERSTAR 2 hahahha it was really really cute! chipmunks roocks!!! i felt satisfied and reliefed after seeing it cause it helped me distracting my mind from the scary scenes before!!

White coat - Zara
Jeans - Zara
Sneakers - Chuck Taylor Converse
bag - Louis Vuitton (my mom's)
whool Scarf
I was trying to do an artistic photo in the cinema sala haha
but it turned out pretty bad... ooh well

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  1. I wanted to see both of those movies but no one would go with me :( I have such weird friends lol. Great blouse and jacket too!


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