giovedì 24 dicembre 2009


When is New Year going to be?? yeah i know it's nearly by but i'm just looking forward for the new year! i don't know why but for me it's more fun than christmas.. i have this idea in my head that new year means new things new experiences, maybe no turning back, no commiitng the same mistakes of the past year.. Well i'm also looking forward for the sale time! it's going to be right after new years, the 2nd of January..
And today i'm so HAPPY!!! I finally got my fave shoes at zara!!! i think they are going to be my favourite ones to wear all the time!! Right now I have just eaten a delicious dinner cooked by my dad who s a great chef!! we ate pasta with seafoods, then tempura of squid rings!! yumm!! and for desert we had Panettone all'ananas (panettone pineapple flavoured) yummyyy too!!
I hope everyone's having a good time!


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