domenica 27 settembre 2009


I haven't been updating for a while. yeah cause i'm busy. stuff n school. it sucks. I know.
Anyway i don't know why but i'm planning my future. I know that i want to be in a fashion career: i want my own label, i want to be a fashion designer, i want my clothing store branches, starting with a little one, i want my name, my creations BIG, i am aiming far! i also know there is/will be also competition but i won't be beaten up on the first trial. i absolutley know that there are many hinders. I know that I am not good enough, that my creativity in putting the few clothes that i have in a chic or in any other way, aren't enough for now. thus i am planning to register in a fashion school or to attend a course of dressmaker/tailor to start to sew my own clothes. for now this is it.

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