lunedì 14 settembre 2009

high school never ends

Today was the firt day of school! sucks!!! i hate school! i get easily stressed just to know that i've got homework etc! But today was different! i met my new teacher of Maths and physics. She's really strict! man she doesnt even allow to drink water in her classes WTF? she scares me... a lot. She can be bitch when she want to. Then i met the new teacher of Philosophy.. he was kinda stoned.. i dunno.. he had a strange way of explaining his subject... but he seems to be nice.. after school rita and i headed to Lin's coffee where we had a cake and a coffee.. lovely then we went to the city center to chill.. Whell yeah speaking of chill: it's fuckin cold! what the hell happened to you earth? 2 days ago it was melting by the heat and then it rains and it's cold?!!! i want my sun and heat please give them to me! at least they will cheer up a bit my school days..

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