domenica 6 settembre 2009

i am always where i need to be..

Good evening everyone.
Friday night i ended up not watching a movie, but surfing on the internet instead because of technical problems.. but i watched it today: "Etenal Sunshine of the spotless mind". I think it's very particular and very different from any other love story/movie. At first i cannot understand what was happenig, but then i had.. although i didn't like it a lot..
But i love the soundtrack: Everybod's gotta learn sometime - Beck
You should to listen to it!!
Saturday i bought a jacket the i was craving from a lot of time at H&M
and i also wanted to buy a studded belt but they run out of my size!! uggh!!!
and i forgot to buy the glamour magazine but i think i'm buying it tomorrow! in a newsstandpaper i saw some international magazines like marie claire USA and elle UK and also TEENVOGUE which i have never seen in any othe place here in milan! i was so excited when i was it haha. After that, i and rita met up with kenneth and tin and we hang out at san fedele listening to some good music! A friend had some covers of lots of artist and they're awesome but i've forgotten the nam of the band.. i should ask him sometime.. then we went to Mami suchi and had happy hour. I took a manhattan which i've never tried before. It was pretty strong! i was a bit "shine" as we say it in an italian way.. i mean i wasnt drunk but my head was turning around a lil bit.. anyway i had fun. also bcause it's been long time since i hadnt meet with them <33

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