giovedì 3 settembre 2009

it's friday i'm in love..

well as the title say it's really not like that. I don't have a boy friend, niether a crush and so i'm not in love.. being in love sometimes is difficult but most of the people thinks that it's a nice thing, makes you dream, etc.. such nice things.. but in the end when you'll realise that you can't have that someone it's rally sad and frustrating at the same time... well maybe im seeing it in a pessimistic way.. maybe because i have always had negative experiences...

today i'm really sleepy i got up at 6.30 am and im baby sitting my lil cousin.. im tired and sleepy..
today i got breakfast at mcdonalds: cappuccino + diet croissant.
yesterday after bby sitting i met rita and we went to the city center.. we went window shopping.. i didnt see any clothes that i want. maybe a shirt from h&m but im not really sure.. i just want to buy my jacket atm..

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