sabato 12 settembre 2009

here we go again

Today has been a calm saturday than other saturdays, because of my friday's hang over.. haha yeah. Rita, my bff and I went to the cinema to see Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds new movie "The Proposal" (Ricatto d'amore in italian). So cute!! i loved it! My fave scenes were when they sticked together nude haha and when sandra bullock sang a weird and funny song with her grandma hahah sooo funny!!! Then we went to Montenapoleone and via della spiga to find some Ysl tote bags.. but they we're already finished =( i'm so disappionted. I wanted it badly!!! guess i have to wait for next year, if they distribute it again... then we got on our own homes.. it's really weird for me returning home so early!

Thursday night was the VFNO: Vogue Fashion's night out at Milan. It was a unique event!! i loved it so much and had really fun!!! I attended it with rita and aby. First we went to Louis Vuitton where we did some polaroids pictures. Then in Camper where in the rear there was this huge mirrir that i thought it was the continuation of the shop. i was going to bump against when fortunately i saw myself and turned on the left, faking it was nothing hahahahha we all laugh like crazy!!! then we went to giorgio armani, dior, where we did pics, then we also went to moschino, versace, blumarine kids, etc! so many boutiques!! Love it really!!! in every boutique they were offering glasses of champagne which i couldnt neglect hahaha so at the end of the night i was drunk and waisted. i kinda fell asleep in rita's mom car hahaha.
Loved this night!!!

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