venerdì 4 settembre 2009

Cherry Cherry boom boom <3

good evening everyone! This is one of my outfit that i wore this week :) hope you like it
it's also in chictopia: please visit it and leave me some comments about my outfit :) but you can also simply do it here :)
The heat is less in Milan fortunately!! but i feel sad that summer is already passing by.. it has gone so fast that i didn't even realized .. i love summer. it's my fave season!
Anyway my outfit is just about:
- United colors of benetton shirt (which is my belongs to my brother)
- a white top
- bershka ripped off shorts (which i totally love)
Hope you like it :D
right now i'm listening to the new hot of the great Madonna, Celebration! Love it and the video aswell! she's wearing a lovely dress!!
Today i've discovered a new blog to follow:!! love it aslready :)
you should check it out!

i am absoluely in love with this picture of me.. it's kinda magazine style and some kinda vintage.. maybe for how i've modified the colors of it.. more "yellowish" what do u think?

i've decided to write in english and not in italian because i, firstly, just prefer it than the second language and also for the fact that in this way everyone from any country can understand what i write.. english is an international language. yeah i could post in both language but i have no time or maybe i just don't have the feeling to do the translation and stuff haha..
Tomorrow is saturday :) my favourite day of the week. in the morning i'm going to change wardrobe! a decent one, where i can put all my stuff and clothes. it's my own one :) so far i haven't had all my own yet.. yeah i know it's weird.. then i'm meeting with friends and i'm buying my H&M jacket which i'm craving for a month and "glamour" magazine [they're including a magazine that just talks about 574 accesories of the season! so it would really worth it!]. Then we're going to a sushi bar and have some happy hour! I feel really rich at the moment haha cause my uncle gave me like 90 € for bby sitting her daughter for 2 weeks. And i feel like i had earn my own money deservedly.. though their my relatives and they shouldn't have to pay me.. and of course i tried to refuse the money but they just insisted.

I fell in love with the Alexander Wang tote bag! m'm really craving for it but i don't have money to buy it, since that i'm just a student without any work too and my parents aren't really available to get me it.. i was thinking to DO IT MYSELF! i just gotta find a cute black bag and some gold studs! that should do the trick ;)

Someday of this week i don't remember which one exactly i went to a newstandpaper and flip through some fashion magazines like ELLE italia and i didn't know that there is a JUICY COUTURE store here in italy! i should take a look :)
whoah! it's late! i still have to watch a movie.. i don't know which one yet.. The wackness or The eternal sunshine of the spotless mind..
Have a nice weekend!

ps. i'm so tired too! i hope i won't get asleep during the film haha

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